Do / so / co

We're a little unusual, we think, in that our beginning lay in the regular gathering of a rather eclectic group of 120 singers and musicians based in Cambridge. Founded in 2010, The Dowsing Sound Collective spent its first few years putting on large scale gigs and raising money for a number of select charities close to its heart. 

Then in 2013, the group decided that they wanted to put profits from their gigs into something even more close to home, and Dosoco (do for dowsing, so for sound and co for collective) was born, founded by three individuals - Alexis Willett, Andrea Cockerton and Kirsten Masson.

Our first thoughts? We knew that there was a need for financial support in one specific area in particular - music therapy - and we talked to some of the music therapists, experts and institutions that we knew (some of whom have come on board as advisers) who really encouraged us.  

And then when thinking further - looking at some of the reasons people make music, at what age, ease of access and some of the great ideas (whether technologically advanced or simple) that can transform lives through music, we realised we wanted to help in other areas too.


So the four areas we want to support became clear - music therapy, access to music, music education, and the innovative use of sound and music for social good.  

Cue around 9 months' planning, a soft launch at Ely Cathedral in July 2013 when we announced our big plans to launch later in the year, the recruitment of non-exec directors and advisors to guide the Dosoco team, the creation, planning & completion of our first round of grants (see who we supported by clicking here), cocktail competitions, a new website... and now five years has passed, around c.£18,000 has been awarded since launch, and we've just announced our call for applications for our sixth round of funding.  The DSC has moved on apace too, with a new brand (We Are Sound) and some very cool sound experiences (check this out).

We're young, a little cheeky, and adventurous, and we want to unlock the world through sound and music where unlocking is needed, wanted, and possible.  Ultimately, we'd really like to be big, still a little cheeky, and adventurous - and to support a multitude of projects and ideas and people.  

Here's to music!