With huge thanks

Dosoco is lucky enough to be supported financially by a growing number of individuals and organisations that believe in what we do.  We've listed some of these below, and would love to talk with you if you'd like to join them.  

Education Services

The charity Education Services was founded in 1930 at Toynbee Hall, London. Its founding members, who included the economist Jack Bellerby and the poet Brances Bellerby, sought to live on the average wage of the time and donated their surplus income to the charity. Since then, Education Services has supported organisations 

involved in education, research and the arts, including music and musical instrument makers.  Please note that it does not usually respond to unsolicited applications.

The Parnell Trust

The Parnell Trust was set up by Alan Parnell, architect and supporter of art and music. His specific intention was that the Fund was used for the benefit of young artists and musicians to help them develop and succeed.  Since his death the Fund has been administered by his two sons, making donations or investments in musical instruments for talented young musicians, supporting a young sculptor and sponsoring the "next generation@ singers of Harry Christophers.  The Trust is always looking for other ways of donating or investing in similar projects within the remit set by the original vision, and are delighted to be able to support Dosoco in its work.  To find out more about the Trust, please contact Hugh Parnell.

We Are Sound

We Are Sound supports us with profits from its gigs, taking place in some of the regions best venues. We're also lucky enough to benefit from the creativity of many of the singers and performers in the group who support us in a multitude of ways!  Thank you #soundlovers.

We'd love your help

Whether you're a one man band planning a solo show, a business looking for its next charitable enterprise to support, a family planning a car boot sale, a school class looking for a fundraising project, or an established artist that also wants music to 'do more', we want to hear from you.  

There is no shortage to the imagination when it comes to fundraising, and anything that you can do would be welcomed and cheered about, not to mention making a massive difference to the funds we are able to give out as grants in the coming months.

If you'd like to talk fundraising ideas, please do drop us a line.  

What can we come up with?  Well, in addition to funds coming from We Are Sound gigs, we have exciting plans for a £50 challenge that we're hoping to launch in autumn this year.  The Dosoco Challenge will initially be launching in a pilot format with friends and family, but we'll be broadening it out to local businesses in 2017/8 and are looking forward to seeing how wide and big it can get!

If you'd like to be added to our mailing list to find out more about our fundraising activities, click here. Or of course you can tweet us.