Questions we often get asked

Q. Are you a charity?

Not at the minute. We're something called a 'community interest company' -  a charitable organisation essentially half way between a normal company and a charity. It's simpler for us to manage while we're still young, and we were thrilled to be granted CIC status.


Q. Where do you get your money from?

Dosoco got its initial funding from The Dowsing Sound Collective, and now benefits from the same support from its replacement We Are Sound, as well as private donations from individuals, trusts, and other charities.  We also benefit from community fundraising, and are hoping to talk to local businesses and bands (local, national and international) to gain from their support.


Q. Do you support non-music related projects?

Unfortunately not. Your project definitely needs to have a close connection with music or sound.


Q. Can I apply for funding? 

We very much hope so! Currently, we are only able to support projects in Cambridgeshire. We soon hope to be able to support projects in other places - watch this site for details or follow us on twitter.


Q. How do I apply for funding?

Please see our Grants page, and download the guidelines which will tell you who we are able to fund, and the kind of amounts we're able to donate.


Q. Do I have to fill in loads of forms?

One, but we've kept it simple! We've purposefully kept things as short as possible too, and the application form should be straightforward to fill in.  If you get stuck, just send us a message and we'll respond pronto.