This is the Dosoco team - Andrea Cockerton, Kirsten Masson & Alex Elbro. We're the people making things happen on a day to day basis, but we could not do it without our non-exec director Julia Wilson, and our advisors Professor Helen Odell-Miller, Dr Rob Toulson and Dr Frankie Williams. Details will be coming soon about all of these fantastic people - experts in their own field and contributing so much to Dosoco's direction - but until then, you can find more about the three of us below.

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Andrea Cockerton (left) is the musical director of We Are Sound, and the founder of Dosoco. Like Kirsten, she's worked in business for around 18 years, mainly with small businesses pitching for funding, and as a result often gets carried away with crazy ideas. 



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Kirsten Masson (right) has worked with young businesses and great ideas for years, both in the private and public sector, and has been instrumental in creating and mapping out the grant guidelines, along with the help of Julia Wilson, our non-exec director.  She's an alto with We Are Sound, having joined The DSC back in 2011, with two lovely children, a great husband, and a very cute dog.



Alex Elbro (left) joined the Dosoco team in 2015, having sung with The Dowsing Sound Collective and now We Are Sound since 2014.  With a background in Science, Engineering and Marketing, Alex's experience has ranged from working on The Mary Rose to working with TWI in Cambridge, plus retraining as an Early Years Teacher when her own boys were small.  She has seen first hand how music can change lives during her 10 years working with children, and brings a vast wealth of enthusiasm and energy to the Dosoco team.