Unlocking the world through sound & music

Dosoco supports music related projects which have the power to unlock people's worlds and have a positive social impact as a result. We've identified four areas we'd like to support:  music therapy, music access, music education and the innovative use of sound and music for social good.

How are we going to support these? As we’re only small, we're keeping things simple at first. We’ve started by developing a grant programme to fund individuals and groups in need - see here to find out about current funding rounds.

However, we've got some other plans up our sleeve, and on the right is a flavour of what we’re hoping to do as we get a little bigger.

We're also looking for people to help Dosoco raise funds, or to volunteer for specific projects or ideas we may ourselves be launching. Keep an eye out on our twitter account to be kept up to date, and when we have news, we'll also post it on our website.

Our plans for 2019/20:

  • we will continue awarding grants to individuals, groups and communities - enabling individuals, groups and communities to benefit from sound and music activities promote health, well being and social inclusion

  • we'll signpost you to useful organisations and contacts and provide a central point of information about the areas we support (and also a few others that we like)

  • we hope to soon be running our own workshops - and the possibilities are endless here, for people of all ages, abilities and experience

  • we'll raise awareness in the community of the benefits of music and sound

  • and we'll be commissioning community sound and music activities, providing both access to sound and music making events and opportunities to actually take part.