Hello Sound lovers.

Thanks for visiting this page.  We're delighted to be able to offer two bursaries for the coming term - each bursary covering 50% of the cost of one term's evening rehearsals.  We've created some guidelines (click here) which explain exactly how the scheme will work -  it's really important that you read them if you're applying - and have created below a short and sweet application form which you need to fill in.  

Please note that the closing date for applications is 9am on Friday 23rd August.


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Your financial need
Dosoco has very limited funds and can only offer two bursaries each term. The bursaries are designed to support people who may otherwise financially struggle to be a part of We Are Sound. As such, we can only consider applications from people who fall within a low income bracket for the period of the term applied for. Please therefore select any of the following which apply to you.
If so, please describe below in brief.
If so, please describe below in brief.
Declaration *
I confirm that all the information in this application is correct and that I will notify Dosoco of any changes. I confirm that I have read the Dosoco Terms & Conditions and that, if a bursary is awarded, I will abide by these.