How to talk Dosoco!

Firstly - huge congratulations on being awarded one of our first ever Dosoco grants! 

We were absolutely thrilled with the number and range of applications we received, and are delighted to be able to support you.

This page is to help you if and when you want to talk to friends, family, press or any other media about the grant. We imagine it will grow and get a little more detailed as we learn how best you can use and benefit from shouting about Dosoco, but for now we'll keep it brief.


Q. Can I mention Dosoco when talking about the grant?

Absolutely! Please tell anyone and everyone about us.  If you're doing anything online - whether Facebook, Twitter, blogging or on a website - then do send us the link so that we can shout about it as well.

As mentioned in the Dosoco terms & conditions that you'll sign to accept the grant, we'd like to talk about you too! We'll make sure we talk this through with you when we tell you about the award so that you're 100% happy, and are really excited about sharing this good news. Let's make some noise! 






Q. How should I refer to Dosoco in writing?

The best way to refer to Dosoco when writing about it is to call it firstly by its full name - The Dosoco Foundation. After that, you can just call it Dosoco.


Q. Can I tweet/blog/write about the award?

Yes please! Send us the link so we know - and do also follow us on twitter.


Q. Can I use the Dosoco logo when I talk online about the grant? 

Yes you can! We have two versions for you to use - either landscape (our preference) or portrait if needs be - and both are available in black text or white text.  Here you go: 

Our only plea is that (as mentioned on the other side of the page) you send us an email with a link to the page so that we can shout about it too.