Our next round of funding is live!

It’s Tuesday 18th September, and we’re delighted to announce that we’re open again for funding applications! This is our sixth round of funding since we launched in 2013, and we’re doubly excited about it as we are hoping that we may hit a major milestone for us in terms of reaching £20K in the amount of funds that we’ve given out since launch. That would be amazing.

Could you be someone that we could support? Or the organisation you work for or run? Our criteria are really straightforward - we look to support people or organisations that need funding for projects that will be using music or sound to make the world a better place; the work needs to be in Cambridgeshire; and finally it must be a new project as we can’t fund something that’s already up and running. If this is sounds about right, we want to hear from you! Organisations, families, individuals, young or old, anyone can apply….and the more creative and impactful your idea, the better.

The nitty gritty: we're able to offer grants for up to £1000 (for organisations) and up to £300 (for individuals), and can contribute in total up to 50% of the project's cost.  There’s a very simple application process which you can find here, and we’ve also put together some guidelines and examples to make it as straightforward as possible, all on the same page. And finally, the deadline for applications is Friday 26th October.

What kind of thing do we support? Well, previous funding rounds have seen us supporting a vast range of projects. We’ve helped fund choirs for people living with dementia, provided instruments and tuition for young people with autism, paid for music therapy sessions for children with communication, behavioural and emotional needs, supported a tennis club that uses tennis balls with bells in to enable sight impaired people to play tennis (it’s incredible!), funded music workshops & high-tech equipment for teenagers in Cambridge and Ely, and finally supported singing workshops in prisons.

We're incredibly proud to have now supported over 30 projects, all unlocking people's worlds through music and sound. We'd love to add yours to them.

Find out how to apply now!